Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Tantalizations - 9/16/14

Today is the start of a new feature on my blog called Tuesday Tantalization's. Every Tuesday I will post hot spanking teasers to get our juices flowing. I don't know what it is about the belt that makes my heart speed up and my knees go weak, but even an innocent jingle causes me to swoon.

The idea of my husband loosening his tie, rolling up his shirt sleeves, and pulling his belt from it's loops to give me the spanking I so richly deserve, sends shivers down my spine and causes my whole body tingle in anticipation. 

The thought of  his buckle jingling as he unfastens his belt, the whoosh of leather sliding from it's loops, the sound of it swishing through the air, and the crack as it strikes my upturned flesh fills my fantasies and makes me feverish for it to happen.

Mmm, yummy! Now I need a cold shower or better yet, maybe I need to show my husband this post!

Which implement takes up the most room in your fantasies?

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