Monday, June 8, 2015

A-Z Challenge - #Good Girl #Spankings #SpankA2Z

Sorry for the blank posts!! I had a sudden bout with my chronic illness which kept me from updating my posts the last two days. I’m feeling much better & I’m ready to catch up on the A-Z challenge. My post for G is all about “Good Girl Spankings.” This conjures up images of delicious erotic spankings that finish with a happy ending. While those can be highly satisfying, in my book good girl spankings encompass anything that is not a punishment. Here are a few different types of good girl spankings & their definitions starting with the aforementioned erotic spanking.

Erotic spankings are purely for pleasure. They start out slow and sexy including a lot of fondling, stimulating the recipient in all the right places. The happy ending is the goal of this type of spanking and they are often used to enhance the sexual experience of both parties.

Stress relief spankings can be pure heaven when we get ourselves wound into a tight ball. Nothing works quite as well to work that stress out and get those endorphin’s flowing than a nice stress relief spanking.

Role play spankings can be one of the most fun forms of good girl spankings. For my husband’s last birthday I ordered a sexy maid costume & surprised him by coming out of the bedroom that morning in full costume playing the role to the hilt. He caught on quickly making a memorable for us both.

 No matter what kind of “good girl spanking” you take part in, there is one common thread among them all, when all is said and done the “good girl” comes out of it glowing, knowing from the depths of our beings how treasured we are and how much we are loved. 


  1. waaa is the title the only thing we get, Corinne? Not that the phrase "good girl" is totally melt worthy :D

    1. All fixed now, Joelle! :D

    2. And fully wonderful :) I love your take on "good girl" spankings. We don't "do punishment" in any sort of way most people see it. A spanking more often is stress relief for me and my Master doesn't desire to spank me to the point that it goes from pleasure to true punishment; IE no spanking to the point of tears.