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Sneak Peak Snippet - A Brush of Violet #WipItUp @CorbinsBend 10/22/14

Welcome to my stop on the WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop! With my brand spanking new novel, A Brush of Violet, coming out on November 5th I will be sharing small teasers to put us all in the mood! I'm going to start at the beginning and post a little each week until release day. If you're interested in going straight to the spanking scenes, be sure to check out my posts on the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop.

Walking through the door, Violet immediately felt a weight lift as she took in the light airy space that was the perfect image of Ever’s spirit. Bright splashes of vibrant color caught her eye among an equally vibrant, but softer color that was reminiscent of the sun just before dusk. The creative energy was electric.

Part of the living room was used as a home art studio. Canvases lay stacked against the wall in one corner in varying states of completion. She wasn’t surprised, Ever had always been an “as inspirations struck” type of an artist. She worked on a piece while the fire burned in her veins, moving on to something else when the direction of the fire shifted, circling back around when pulled to. Violet was more a start to finish type of girl. She had always started her work with a vision, working methodically until it was complete before moving on to the next project.
 “Oh, Ever, this place is beautiful,” she mused, admiring the place.
 “Thanks,” she said with a humble grin. “You know I can’t abide by white walls.” Her eyes flashed mischievously. “Robert says that it’s my mission to douse out every trace of white that may be hidden anywhere,” she laughed. “Come on, let me show you your room.”
 In the bedroom sat a queen size bed with the fluffiest comforter she had ever seen. Pillows in varying shades of violet and gold decorated the head of the bed. Both the headboard and the two dressers standing on either side of the far corner were made from stained barn wood. Gorgeous paintings of hydrangeas graced the walls. The room as a whole had a serene feeling, acting as refuge from the vibrant energy of the rest of the house.
 They set her bags down on the bed. “I hope you don’t mind, but I thought we would stay in tonight. I thought we’d enjoy homemade pizza and wine while we had some time to ourselves before I introduce you around tomorrow.”
 Violet salivated at the thought of Ever’s homemade pizza. It was not mere homemade pizza from a Jiffy box, it was practically gourmet with fresh ingredients and truly homemade crust. “Yum, that sounds perfect.” Both women cracked up when her stomach rumbled in agreement. “Rest stop refreshments are apparently not cutting it,” she laughed.
 “Let’s get you fed before the hungry beast makes an appearance,” Ever joked, walking toward the kitchen. “I pre-made the pizza so that all we would have to do is heat it up. I wasn’t sure when you would make it in,” she shrugged. “It should only take 10 minutes. How about a glass of wine while we wait?”
 “That would be great,” Violet replied as she rolled her shoulders to work the knots out from driving.
 The pretty brunette pulled a bottle of wine from the cabinet and one from the refrigerator where it had been chilling. Holding them up she asked, “Shiraz or Chardonnay?”
 “Mmm, Shiraz please.”
 She watched as the other woman poured first a glass of Shiraz for her and then a glass of Chardonnay for herself. The kitchen wasn’t much to speak of compared to what Everleigh had done with the rest of the house, but she knew better than to underestimate her cooking skills. Sure enough, she pulled out two pizza stones to heat the pizza up with.
 Catching Violet watching her, she winked. “We would have asked for special permission to put up an authentic pizza oven in the back, but we didn’t want to push our luck after the board was kind enough to approve a pottery kiln.”
 “You’re kidding me.” Violet was blown away. “How did you manage that? I thought this was a housing cooperative. I know how strict those are about allowing any big changes.”
 Ever looked at her deadpan. “Oh, it was easy. I just batted my eyelashes and agreed to a public spanking.”

A Brush of Violet
Length: Novella
Genre: DD/spanking erotic romance
Series: Corbin's Bend

High powered business woman, Violet Walker, has long left her artistic days behind. That is until her best friend, Everleigh Harris, invites her to Corbin's Bend for an art festival. What Everleigh doesn't know is that Violet hasn't been able to paint a single brush stroke since turning her back on her submissive desires and spanking needs in college. When she meets charismatic and drop dead gorgeous Charles her world is turned completely upside down. Will Violet, overworked, burnt out, and in denial of her deepest wants and desires, be able to surrender when love knocks on her door?

Charles Robinson, President of the discipline Board in Corbin’s Bend and longtime resident, adores the community he lives in and the freedom it provides for all who live there. Raised in a traditional family; love and discipline are a way of life for him. There’s nothing he wants more than a marriage just like his parents where spanking and romance go hand in hand, even if that means holding out for true love. Is Violet just the kind of woman he’s looking for?

Will Violet risk the life she’s built for herself in blood, sweat, and tears for the undeniable connection she has with Charles, the utter bliss and contentment she feels when she’s over his lap? Can Charles convince Violet she really can have it all? Will this trip be just what she needs to rekindle all that she has lost since joining the corporate world?

Coming November 2014

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  1. I'm loving the excerpts from this book Corinne. Loved the end to this excerpt lol.