Thursday, September 19, 2013

Round Table Discussion – Submission Is the Definition of Sexy

submission is the definition of sexyI am so excited for us all to come together again as a spanking community for week two of the Round Table Discussion - Community, Spanking, & More! This week our very special host is Natasha Knight who is one of my favorite authors and dear friends! This week we were asked to define what submission means to us. Be forewarned, this is a bit steamier than you may be used to from me. :-)

I am not a natural submissive. I am the master of my own mind, ruler of my body, independent, spirited, and I like to be in control. It takes a special touch to draw out my submissive state. It takes a worthy touch. I need to be able to respect him in order to submit to him. Once he has that respect all it takes is a hand in my hair drawing my head back commanding my attention and a look in his eye. It’s a little predatory, a little no nonsense, and sexy as hell!

There is nothing like the dance of a dominant and a submissive. To me it’s intoxicating. For me submission is a huge gift and it is also a very primal thing. Not just anyone can bring out this gift and take use of it. My inner submissive can only be called up by her exact dominant match. There is an air and energy to it, and there is almost a scent. Once called up she will be that essence of sheer female to his essence of sheer male.

If he can bring it out I will do anything that he says. My inner submissive finds his inner dominant worthy and vice versa. Submitting to a man who can command my very soul is the greatest privilege on earth. I will suck his cock, offer my ass, and do anything he bids. He is my Master.

I have to say there is a little something (or a big something) to being made to submit. Punishment makes my knees go weak. I just can’t help but test the boundaries every now and then. I crave the feel of him making me submit to him. I enjoy the chase. There is nothing more humbling or that will make me feel more submissive than being ordered panties down over his lap for a sound bare bottom spanking, hopefully with a hairbrush in his hand.

In fact that’s why domestic discipline works so well for me. When doing the dishes and paying the bills is a constant turn on and I have an intimacy with my Husband others long to have then something must be working. When I test those boundaries and he takes me in hand I will lovingly serve every one of his needs and lavish him with my adoration and passion for him. Until the next time I need to be taken in hand and then the primal dance begins again.

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  1. Love this picture! You know you had me at "this is a bit steamier".

    I love you, Corinne! It is a lot about respect. For someone who is not naturally submissive to give over control they definitely need to have the respect of their partner and vise versa. Well said!

  2. Holy…OMG…That was HOT Corinne! I was not expecting that. Wow, what a different spin - I love the intimacy piece. You are a lucky woman and your husband is a VERY lucky man. Pass that on, will you?

  3. I related by nodding my head to your post while I read it. I'm not a natural submissive either, although, I do crave submission. It just takes the 'right' person, who can give as well as receive the respect necessary to push one's boundaries.

  4. I totally agree in that "Dance of the submissive and Dominant" you so uniquely describe here Connie. And I would say that it takes a strong, independent minded and spirited woman to truly and lovingly engage the inner Dominance in many Dominants also.

    I know I cherish my own life-style partner who is strong, and independent, a true Women's Rights Activist" like myself and yet she is soft, warm, embracing and sensually submissive in "our" loving life and style that nurtures our souls... ✨

  5. I have always loved this pin-up! I have several versions custom made for me. Feel free to steal this one! A little birdie told me I better add a little warning or I may risk shocking a few people with my candor.

    Respect is absolutely key to me. I could never give myself over to someone I don't trust absolutely. I'm not talking about perfection, but a good solid foundation goes a long way. I used to be a little sad that I hadn't been more transparent about my needs in the beginning of our marriage especially after I found out how it could be! I'm grateful now that we waited. We were able to iron out all of those early marriage hiccups to build that foundation, so when we gave it a go we were able to flourish. <3

  6. It was hot to write too! I shared this post with Jeff right after I wrote it and let me tell you the energy between us afterward was molten lava! We are lucky to have each other. I will certainly pass that on!

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  8. You are so right, LA. It takes a very special person. It also takes a certain commitment to truly see each other & act accordingly to allow that beautiful dance to begin & continue.

  9. It makes it all the more special that this gift, this intimacy, is reserved just for the two of you. Only you get to experience that incredible side of her and vice versa. What a beautiful act of love & devotion.

  10. mmm, that read like poetry and was absolutely delicious! So beautiful. And I love that pin up too!

  11. I love the dance of the Dominant and the submissive analogy.
    The draw of submission to a strong independent person could be debated and argued forever, but whatever the reasoning, it's actually the effect it has on the individual, and there's no arguing that for you it's certainly one you enjoy. Beautifully written post.

  12. Thanks, Renee! Exploring this through all of the posts today has been a beautiful thing!

  13. I think the root of it is the effect of it on the individual. For someone like me the moment where I can finally surrender is the most beautiful moment of all.

  14. Interesting how you comment that you're not a natural submissive, Corinne. I don't normally put it that way- just that I only submit to one person at a time. It's funny- I can't be monogamous to save my life lol, but I can't picture having more than one dominant (so different from what I write). However, I've had enough people who simply couldn't imagine I'm a sub, until they saw me with my Master. you know, I've never liked the "submission as a gift" thing, but the way you use it, it just seems so right.

  15. Wow, Corinne! That was just amazing!
    I loved your poetic "dance".
    Your erotic talk of submission.
    The love, joy, all of it!
    It was fantastic!
    Great pic too!

    Thank you so much for sharing !

  16. Hi Corinne! I find it funny that we both mention submission as a gift. It is a wonderful thing!
    I also love you analogy of D/s and a is so apt. With a perfect match, the dance is spectacular.

    Thanks for sharing - fabulous post!!


  17. It's so fascinating to hear all these different perspectives on the same subject - this round table is such a brilliant idea!

    Thank you for an intimate and evocative glimpse into your life and relationship, Corinne. I'm quite hot just reading about it! XD

    So interesting that such a range of personalities can all find something that speaks to them in submission. You capture the allure of it so well (and the heart-racing, thrillingly sexy reality of it) and I can totally understand where you are coming from - superb post!

  18. Sorry to reply to my own post, but I just wanted to apologise for its breathless, exclamation point-heavy nature... :)

    In my defence, your post has honestly got me hot, bothered and desperately hankering for a damn good spanking. I shall have to see if anything can be done about that :D

  19. A hand in the hair pulling my head back... that does it for me right there Corinne. And when its done right... Wow. We don't want to ask for it, we just want it to happen like our fantasies in our mind. Submission often is like a carrot on a stick, dangling there for the Dominant. It says, here it is, if you can find a way to take it, you can have all of it.... Sigh

  20. This was thought provoking to me. I have for a long time considered myself a natural submissive, but occasionally questioned that because of my strong mind and independence. All I know now is it is so easy to want to submit to the one you truly, love, trust and respect.

    My thoughts are provoked further with your ''taken in hand'' comments...thank you :)

    A great post!

    Gemini x