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Author Lily Harlem Shares a Free Book & Steamy Excerpt

Today I am very excited to have author, Lily Harlem guest posting on my blog! She will be sharing a freebie and a steamy excerpt. YUM! Welcome Lily!

Hello, and Happy Holidays!

It’s fabulous to be here at this spankingly festive time of year and I’ve brought a few treats for your stockings too! I love adding a bit of spanking into my stories. Sometimes it heightens a steamy scene and other times it is the catalyst for the sex, in other words it’s what gets the couple (or threesome) going.

FREE for this week only is Good Cop, Bad Cop, a novel I’ve co-written with Natalie Dae and available on Amazon. Go grab a copy of this steamy ménage a trois for your Kindle! It’s not heavy on the spanking this one, but it definitely has other features that might tickle your fancy!

However, The Novice, book #1 in the Sexy as Hell Trilogy, has spanking galore and is at a bargain low price of $1.24/77p to get you started on Victor and Zara’s rollercoaster journey into the world of BDSM. Though you might prefer to grab the Sexy as Hell Box Set which is a steal for 3 novels and 3 spin-off stories, all getting 5* reviews and all slapfantastic!

And if you fancy a short story written in the second person then check out More an intimate look into the lives of a couple trying out spanking for the first time. Second person narrative isn’t seen very often but my co-author Natalie Dae and I thought it worked really well to convey all the anticipation of a spank, the anxiety over asking for it and both his and her fears and ultimately pleasure during the act.

Some of you might know that I’m hooked on my hockey heroes and my Hot Ice series is somewhat of an obsession of mine when it comes to writing. It took until my third book though, and meeting the captain of The Vipers, before a really good spanking took place. And with all that serious hockey-player muscles behind each thwack it had to be handled with care! Check out Slap Shot available from Ellora’s Cave and all other good ebook retailers. I loved Rick ‘Ramrod’ Lewis and although his particular kink took Dana a few minutes to get used to, she never looked back! Keep reading for a snippet…Dana has just given Rick an impromptu pole dance as a birthday treat, and things are heating up between her and the sexy hockey captain…

* * * *

His hands slid down my upstretched shoulders and his fingertips skimmed the outer curves of my breasts. I shivered at his light touch. I was desperate for more. My pussy was dampening at every scent, sound and caress.
His lips touched between my shoulder blades, his small tuft of facial hair a delicious scratch. I arched as his hands dipped into the hollow of my back.
“Rick,” I murmured, impatient for more.
His big palms suddenly cupped my butt cheeks and he began deep, circular movements pushing and feeling all the flesh on my ass. When he moved them on the outer part of the circle the skin in my cleft stretched taut.
“You have a fabulous ass,” he murmured, stooping and kissing the small of my back. “It’s the perfect roundness and softness.” He curled his fingers into the lace at my hips and dragged my thong down my legs.
I lifted each heel in turn so he could remove it. My pussy was so wet I was surprised moisture wasn’t running down my leg.
His fingers ran down my cleft and over my tightly puckered hole. I jerked forward.
“Shh,” he soothed. “It’s all good, Dana.” He continued his exploration and found the entrance to my pussy. I widened my stance. Wanting him to touch me there was more than a longing, it was an absolute necessity. I would die if he didn’t. I needed him in
I whimpered as he slipped through my damp folds but didn’t push in. “Rick, please.”
His lips were on the top of my thigh, licking and kissing the crease to my butt. His fingers were teasing me, the way I had him. Not pushing in and not touching my clit either.
A long, low moan of frustration rumbled from my chest, but turned to a cry of joy when his thick finger suddenly entered me high. I clenched around him, squeezing and clamping, grabbing the wonderful filling sensation.
“Ah, fuck, you feel so good every time,” he murmured. “Lord, give me strength.”
I hooked my foot around the pole, spreading myself wider, and he treated me to another finger. Greedily I clasped around it, pulling it inside me as I shoved my mound forward, searching for a connection with my clit. I found it, cool metal shoved up against the sensitive bundle of nerves and I ground harder.
Suddenly a sharp sting bloomed across my left buttock and a slap pealed through the air, overriding the music and ringing around the room.
“Ow, what the...?” Startled, I started to turn.
I couldn’t.
His mouth was at my temple, his chest against my shoulder blades keeping me tight up against the pole. “Shh,” he soothed, palming the burn in my butt. “It’s okay, it’s going to be amazing, just stick with it.”
His body heat left me and another heated slap, my right buttock this time, hit down. As it seared across my skin, he curled his fingers inside me and stroked over my G-spot.
“Ow, ow, ow,” I panted, the sting making a beeline for my pussy, heating it and increasing the want.
“Oh baby, it’s so pretty, you’re going pink already.”
“But, Rick, I...” My hips were writhing, claiming the wonderful pressure he was applying to my sweetest point. Oh, I didn’t need much more, it was so fantastic, his fingers were so damn clever. And the pole, the cool pole was just right against my clit.
“I want to make you red,” he breathed into my ear.
His words washed over me, a blur amongst the cacophony of other sensations.
“I want to make your ass all pretty and red and then fuck you from behind,” he murmured. “So I can watch your glowing skin tremble for me. Tremble while I fuck you. Fuck you really hard.”
I heard those words loud and clear and Oh. My. God. I should have guessed a guy that overdosed on testosterone would have his fair share of kinks.
“I won’t slap you again until you ask, Dana.”
I pushed into the pole, squeezed shut my eyes and dragged in a breath. The pain had dulled, merely a memory now. But as it faded I realized that I wanted it back. I wanted it back desperately. The sting was like a direct current of stimulation to my pussy. Another erotic stimulus that I had to have.
“Dana,” he breathed onto my temple. “Do you want more?”
“Yes,” I panted, hardly believing what I was agreeing to. “Yes, again. More.”
He nipped my shoulder with his teeth then kissed the sore spot. The next thing I knew the pain was back on my butt, scorching me, burning through my skin to my pelvis. It had barely dulled when another slap hit the opposite cheek. I cried out in pleasure and pain, the border between the two so hazed it barely existed.
“Ah, sweet baby, your pussy loves it,” he said, thrusting higher inside me. “It’s fluttering around my fingers and weeping into the cup of my palm.”
The noise of my sex filled the room, wet squelching that drifted over the music. Any other time I would have been embarrassed but now all I could think of was the next slap, the next jolt of sensual pain and the next thrust of his fingers.
I didn’t have to wait long. He hit down again, each buttock, fucking me harder with his hand as he did so, his knuckles bashing into my pussy lips and his fingers surging at my G-spot. I clung to the pole, my spine was boneless, the pain driving me up to an almighty orgasm.
“You’re nearly ready,” he whispered by my ear. “So very nearly.”

* * * *

Still want more spanking from me, okay, you’ll find it in Shared, The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita, Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse, Enchanted Submission,   That Filthy Book and Grand Slam. As you can see it’s a bit of a theme for my writing! I also love Pinterest and you guys might enjoy my Dark Board.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful festive season and you get everything you wished for whether you’ve been bad or good!


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Round Table Discussion: Domestic Discipline

Round Table Discussion: Domestic Discipline

I have spanking desires. I always have. I have been intrigued by DD (although it wasn’t called that yet at that point) since I was just barely an adult. Having a worthy male (my Husband) master me is irresistible. I long to be swept off of my feet and over his knee if need be. I like the idea that he can help me let go of everything that weighs on my mind all of the time, that he can help center me in a way that I have trouble doing for myself when left to my own devices. I also love that when he does “master” me all of that to do list falls to the wayside and I can focus 100% on him. Otherwise the “to do” list wins all too often. Sad but true.

My husband and I have been practicing DD for 5 ½ years. I think the way it looks in our relationship has changed every single year, sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously. At first we were all in. I surrendered to him completely. I vowed to obey him 100% all the time. We started with a few laid out rules and worked our way to more. By the time a year was up we had a nice list going. We had weekly maintenance & we worked discipline out in various ways until we found what worked for us. Weekly maintenance helped us get used to spanking/being spanked. For awhile that is when discipline happened as well. We used a penny jar system. If I earned a spanking I would have to add a penny to our jar. Pennies were worth one minute of spanking each. As soon as we were able we settled up.

CDD appealed to me the most during this time because there were so many amazing resources to read and work on. I have always been someone who needs both the head and the heart to work in synch (and let’s not forget the bottom.) I needed to study, read, & work through material to put my focus where I wanted it to be. Christianity has an abundance of resources. Mainstream did not. For two years we were well seated in the CDD label. At a point we were ready to expand our horizons. We were changing (my groups were changing too) & we were exploring new aspects of DD. We at that point moved on to LDD (Loving Domestic Discipline, which has evolved so much since the term was first coined.)

DD is a three-fold flame for me. First it creates order out of chaos for me. It keeps me well grounded and motivates me to physically “do life.” Secondly, the intimacy it creates is intoxicating. DD has enhanced our authentic communication, healed & eliminated any walls that we have built and quickly keeps new walls from forming, and allows an outlet for passion that builds up inside.

Every year new levels and layers are revealed of needs that can be met with DD. Some years it is household functions, others it is peeling back the layers & healing parts of us that are hurt or broken and creating new & healthier habits and still other years our focus is our sexuality and intimacy. Sometimes it’s all of this at once and others DD is just running in the background habits so ingrained that we don’t even realize that DD is still functioning, but yet it is there all the while.

I no longer label myself. We are not cdd, ldd, bdsm, or anything else. We are Jeff & Corinne. We use DD in our marriage & we incorporate all sorts of other things in for fun as well. That does not define us though. In all honestly I think labels shmabels. At some point labeling yourself only boxes you in. At first what felt freeing and like a light bulb moment becomes restrictive. As you explore yourself and your partner you find that you want to explore and incorporate things that don’t fit inside the box (a self imposed box might I add.) My advice at that point is NOT to compare yourself to others, but to get rid of the dang box!

If you want to mix sex and discipline there is nothing wrong with that! Conversely if it works better for you to keep it completely separate then by all means that is what you should do. If you want to add in butt plugs, ginger root, and frontal spanking there is nothing to stop you but yourself. Those who tell you it is wrong or not DD are wrong themselves. It just isn’t for them which is more than okay too. If corner time feels abusive then do not use it. If writing lines in addition to a spanking is the only way to really get through then do it. You can have as tame of a DD relationship as you desire or as spicy. And even if you play and are a spanko at heart you can still enjoy a very successful DD relationship. It’s all in the way that you map it out. If you only use spanking twice a year, yes, you are still in a DD relationship. It is normal to go through long periods of time without any discipline or even mention of DD. Life happens. I wouldn’t stress about it. It will circle back around.

DD does not solve all of life’s maladies. In fact it can become a malady itself. What I think DD helps accomplish is good communication skills. It lends a hand to breaking down walls of old outdated self preservation & leads to true, honest communication about everything. As you practice, this becomes something that is ingrained and bleeds into all aspects of your marriage and life. In order for DD to be successful you must communicate. All of those old habits of communication have to be reworked, relearned & replaced with healthy habits. Boy that is hard work! Worth it though! If you think that all of a sudden he is going to become the hoh of your dreams and give you rules & take you over his knee and everything is going to be perfect then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. There are moments that will come straight from your dreams. However the rest of it is let me say it again, hard work.

He has to get used to spanking the love of his life which is something he has been taught from day one never to do. You have to learn to submit when you absolutely do not want to and let me tell you that isn’t easy. You also may think you know how you will react to being told what to do and spanked, but you will surprise yourself from time to time. I know I have. Never fear you will get through these humps. The most important thing is to be honest and be willing to hear the other person out. It’s possible that he’s going to spank too hard (or too soft,) that you will revert to childlike behavior (this seems to be something that many of us go through for a bit. Trust me it will get old even to you,) he will forget that he’s in charge; you will forget that he’s in charge, and you both will fall back into old habits. There will be times where you both get it perfectly and it will be everything you ever imagined and more. DD can be such a beautiful thing. It is a very romantic way of life at its best. To me it’s worth it every day of the week.

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Winter Spanks Sign Ups & Prizes #winterspanks

Spanking Romance Reviews and Saturday Spankings are teaming up to keep us all warm and toasty this winter.

The first annual Winter Spanks Blog Hop is January 2-4, 2014.

Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun!

  • Bloggers, authors, readers, artists,
  • Spanking relationships, casual spankos, 
  • Tops, Bottoms

There will be: 

  • Tons of great prizes! (New prizes rolling in every day!)
  • Short stories to keep your whole body (and your booty) warm!
  • Blog posts about spankings
  • Art & Graphics. Bare bottoms are always welcome! (No graphic nudity please.)
Come warm your hands, (or your bottoms!) at the 2014 Winter Spanks Blog Hop!

For more information click on the graphic above!

If you have any questions at all (big or small) please feel free to email me at corinnealexander4 at gmail dot com. I am happy to help! I can even walk you through sign ups. :)

To get you excited here are the prizes we are offering so far:

  • Kindle or Nook (Blushing Books)
  • Your Choice of a Free Book Cover for Your Next Book, an Ad for an Upcoming Project, or a Custom Facebook Header or Blog Graphic (Lazy Day Publishing)
  • Three Month Subscription to Discipline & Desire (Discipline & Desire)
  • $20 Gift Certificate to Amazon (Stormy Night Publications)
  • Hand Crafted Paddle (Blondie’s Place)
  • Spanking Video DVDs (Shadowlane)
  • A “Get it All” Bundle (Variant Publishing) – Includes How to Get the Spanking You Want – The Complete Guide to Asking for It, Getting It, & Making It Better,  How to Give a Spanking – Advice from the Receiving End, What He Wants – A Man’s Seven Secret Spanking Desires, & The Little Book of Spanking Stories
  • $25 Gift Certificate to Blushing Books (Patricia Green)
  • Book Bundle from Learning Domestic Discipline

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Two Fun Advent Calendar Events & Spankings Both Fun & Not So Fun

I have always been fascinated by the idea of an Advent Calendar. I was never blessed with the experience of having my own Advent Calendar growing up & was always a bit envious of my friends who had them. My days of longing are over & it was well worth the wait. Anastasia Vitsky of Governing Ana is holding Ana's Advent Calendar today through December 25th! There are tons of absolutely incredible prizes up for grabs. There will be both fun and meaningful posts, guest bloggers, and so much you will not want to miss (be sure to sign up on her sign up page.) It will be a treat every day!

If that's not exciting enough Kenzie from Red Bottoms & TTWD is hosting a very special Spanko Advent Calendar that is bound to make a memorable December. It is truly a spanko's dream!Visit her blog to check out her advent calendar now & each day through the 25th for a special spanko activity. Be sure to come back and let everyone know how your Advent events went! 

This month is bound to be full of fun & possibly not so fun spankings for me. My husband has agreed to keep me accountable for writing a specified amount every single day. Since I work best under deadlines this is bound to work very well for me. Although maybe not for my bottom. In addition to this he has made his own decree that I must have a meal plan each week and super on the table each night. No more winging it or eating out all the time. I will admit I have been slacking in this area. It started with a busy sports season for my son & then just turned into habit. I'm gleeful to take this challenge, though, because there is nothing I love more than getting & staying back on meals and all!