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Winter Spanks (#winterspanks:) Cold Hands, Warm Bottoms Blog Hop


Thank you for joining us for Winter Spanks! Let’s warm up with some hot bottoms & enjoy some cool prizes! Click on the links above for all of the wonderful prizes that you can win. Each blog that you visit will also have some amazing giveaways as well. For my blog I will be giving away a $10 gift certificate to Amazon to one lucky entrant. All you have to do to win is leave a comment on my blog sharing with me your favorite way to warm up during the winter and if spanking has anything to do with it!

I am super excited to enjoy the Winter Spanks fun to full hilt! I've been anticipating this event for so long! It's bound to be a blast! I can't believe all of the talented writers, bloggers, reviewers, graphic artists, and more that we have joining us in the fun!

I am sharing my very first publicly posted short story. I hope you all enjoy! There are many more where this comes from. Let me know in your comments what you thought and if you like spanking stories with an ethereal twist.

An Angel’s Chance

Caitlyn felt the world whirling around her as she was swept from one end of the dance floor to the other. She laughed as she danced from one partner to the next. New Year’s Eve had never been so much fun. The feeling of warm bodies, loud music, and the freedom to do whatever the hell she wanted was as intoxicating to her as the shots of whiskey and rum she had been drinking all night in celebration of the New Year and new beginnings.
Her first order of business was a firm resolution of no more men! From her short experience it was apparent that all they were out for is to see how much they could get from you. They would suck you dry if you let them. And she had let him.
Well no more! It was her turn to use them! Her brother had warned her about Rodney, but all she saw was that southern charm, those sparkling eyes, and his ability to make her lose her pants faster than a cowboy can say yeehaw.
Charm proved to be deceiving. It wasn’t long before he was swindling her into paying his bills while he drank the day away. It started with a sob story and quickly avalanched before she even realized what was happening. It all culminated at walking in on him cheating on her today.
Well she had enough of all of that. Screw responsibility. It was time she took a page from everyone else book and lived a little.

The petite blond with hazel eyes had haunted his dreams for as long as he could remember. Chad had picked up this second job at the Wild Tree Bar & Grill to tuck away some savings to invest in a little bungalow in the woods where he could own his own little piece of earthly heaven. The angel Agnes has given him a reprieve of one human lifetime so that he could experience the life that he aided others in so well. For Chad this meant not only human relationships but communing with the land and the very earth around him.
Chad would never forget the first time he laid eyes on the spunky Caitlyn.  She was working hard to get through nursing school and her nose was always in a book or she was rushing out for classes putting in long hours. He loved how her laugh would fill the house. She wasn’t at all intimidated by being the only girl in a house full of guys. There were always fresh cookies baked and flowers on the table & home cooked meals in the fridge to feed the lot of them when they stumbled in at one in the morning.
She worked harder than she had to which probably meant she was harder on herself than necessary. It was all goals and no nonsense. She did not take the time to go out, but she was always freshly feminine and as sweet as could be.
Everything he knew about her was at odds with what he was seeing tonight. What the hell was she thinking?! It was all he could do not to give into his impulse to yank her away from the latest guy she was dancing with. He could not stand the way those men were looking at her like she was some piece of meat to be devoured.
Next thing he knew Caitlyn was stumbling over to the bar arm in arm with a man way too smug for his liking. Caitlyn giggled and almost fell down. “Whoopsie,” she laughed.” “I’m okay. Hey, Chad. Funny seeing you here,” she slurred.  “I’m celebrating my independence. But since you’re taking orders, I’ll take a double shot of Crown.”
The guy she was with gave her a wink and a pat on the bottom. “I’ve got something for you to celebrate, baby.”
Chad’s stomach turned, and it was all he could do not to wipe that smirk right off that asshole’s face. “Caitlyn, what are you doing? You don’t look like you need another drink right now, maybe you should slow down a little bit and have a bit to eat.”
“No, no, no. I don’t need any food. I’m out tonight to have a good time and that is exactly what I’m doing.”
“Well, you’re not going to be having such a good time in the morning when you’re puking your guts out and have a throbbing headache. You need to drink some water and eat some food. I’m not serving you another drink until you do both.”
“Mind your own business, Chad. I’m not the fuddy duddy you think I am. I can have as good of a time as anyone else.”
“You heard the lady,” the guy standing beside her said as his hand found its way into her button down top,  “give her her whiskey and back off. We’re doing just fine.”
Chad was fed up with this creep.. “Get your hands off of her,” he growled as he pried the assholes hands off of her. He threw her over his shoulder and stormed towards the back office.
“What the hell are you doing, Chad!” She pounded his back as if that would make a difference. “Put me down!”
He set her down firmly on the couch in the bar’s office.
“You may think you are having a good time, but I’ve known you a good long time and this is not who you are.”
“You do not control me!” she screeched. “I’m sick of men who think they can walk all over me.”
“I don’t know which men you are talking about, but it looked to me like you were letting that “man” out there do anything he pleased. You are smarter than that.”
“Who do you think you are? You’re not my boyfriend, you certainly aren’t my father, you have no right whatsoever to keep me from doing anything that I please.”
“I may not be either of those but if I were,  you sure would be getting your butt blistered right now.”
“You wouldn’t dare!” she hissed!  “I’m a grown woman with a career, a house, and a good life that I’ve provided for myself. What century are you from?”
“Oh, you’d be surprised.” He rolled his eyes up toward where the other angels were bound to be getting a kick out of this. He looked her square in the eye. “You may be a grown woman, but right now you are acting like a spoiled brat determined to wreck her life in one fail swoop.”
“I am not putting up with this.” She sprung up from the couch and turned towards the door.
“If you take one single step ,I will do exactly what I said,  and you, little girl, will be getting the spanking of your life. The way you have been acting tonight is dangerous and you are too important to be putting yourself in jeopardy like this”
She just stared at him in disbelief, but he could see her drunken state embolden her.
“I am leaving, and there is nothing you can do about it.” She strode over to the door.
“Think again,” he said as he scooped her up and put her promptly over his knee as she squeaked.
“What are you doing? Let me up! Let me up!” she frantically squealed as she tried to scramble off of his lap.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” he growled. He pinned her arms with one hand as his other big hard hand rained down on her pert little bottom. “You are not going to throw everything away because of one night of bad decisions.”
“Ow, stop spanking me you big brute! You don’t even know what you’re talking about!”
“I know that you are a beautiful, smart, and strong woman who does not let random men put their paws all over her.” he said punctuating each point with a firm smack to her upturned bottom.
“Shows how much you know,” she grumbled under her breath. “If you knew anything about the last three months of my life you would know better.”
“You will not insult yourself, little girl. I have stood by and watched you disrespect yourself all night, and I’m not going to let it continue.” He picked her up and promptly unsnapped her jeans and pulled them and her panties down to her ankles quickly before putting her back over his knee. He renewed his efforts on her bottom with a vengeance. “You will not talk about yourself in that way,” he said while his hand was striking each cheek three times before moving to the next.

The sharp pain burned so bad it felt like her ass was on fire. He was spanking hard and fast not giving her a chance to catch a breath let alone speak. She balled her fists up just trying to hold on, her little legs kicking with each strike.
She felt him tip her forward in order to concentrate on her sit spot. “You are going to treat yourself with kindness regardless of any mistakes you have made, real or perceived. You are only human and are more than worthy of being treated with respect both from yourself and certainly by the men around you. You will start this new year understanding that point or I will spank you from here until next Sunday if I have to.”
He peppered her thighs with some scorchers to drive his point home.
“I’m sorry! I am! Please just stop spanking me! I get it!”
“I’m going to give you ten more, and then we are going to talk. I want you to count them out.”
His hand landed hard on her right cheek. Oh God she didn’t think she was going to be able to make it through. “Ohh, one.” As soon as she got it out the next was landing even harder on her left cheek. “Two,” she squeaked! The third landed right smack in the middle of her bottom and she swore it hurt even more than the other two. “Three, sir.” Wait, what? Did she just say sir? What was coming over her?! Before she could give it another thought the next one came down. After that the next 6 came rapidly.
When he was done, he gently rubbed her back and her bottom soothing away the pain.
She gingerly picked herself off of his lap feeling awkward standing next to him.
He decided to remedy the situation and not give her time to think. He gathered her into his arms and cradled her the way she would have been as a small child. He smoothed her hair out of her face.
Her face burned with embarrassment. This day could not be more mortifying. And to think he witnessed half of it. What must he think of her. The spanking had done what it was meant to and snapped her out of the muddled thinking that had led her to this mess.
As if reading her mind he spoke in low tones in her ear. “You are one of the most brilliant women I have ever known. You are a bright and shining beacon of light in a lost world. Caitlyn, I think I’ve been in love with you from the very first time I met you. I just can’t stand to see you mistreated and especially treating yourself with such disregard. You deserve to be treated like a queen not like something to be tossed away.”
She just cried softly. How did she get so far away from who she was? Thank God Chad was there tonight to bring her back to her senses. She cuddled deep into his arms her hand finding it’s way to stoke his stomach. His stomach was as soft as an angel’s wings! She had forgotten how whole she felt when Chad was around. Her feelings for him were so much deeper than friendship.
She nuzzled into his neck just as he whispered, “Caitlyn I don’t think I can let you go this time.”
“Just kiss me, she murmured into his lips.” He leaned in brushing her soft lips with his gently at first and then deeper with hunger. She tasted like sweetness and sunshine. He felt something inside of him switch on in a way that he had never experienced before. It felt like home.
At that very moment they heard the crowd in the bar yell 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
They gazed into each other’s eyes as one soft white feather fluttered to the ground in front of them. Chad laughed, and whispered his thanks to the angels above for allowing him his chance at love.
The End


  1. What a lovely story- Chad is perfectly wonderful. My favorite way to warm up doesn't have anything directly to do with spanking. I have bad circulation, so I wind up standing under hot water trying to warm up a few times a day. I'm always hoping my Master will join me for one of these, not just our morning shower, and then sometimes I'll get a bit of spanking if it amuses Him to do so

    authorjoellecasteel@excite .com

  2. Hey Corinne...thank you for such a sweet story...loved the ending! I enjoy all kinds of stories and yes, that does include spanking stories with an ethereal twist. ;)

    Cat catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

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  4. I warm up but reading a hot and steamy book first then having sex.

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    I hope you get a real buzz from your first publicly shared short story.

    1. might be helpful - sorry :(

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    I like warming up when I come back inside by changing into nice warm, dry clothes - like fresh socks that have warmed on a radiator, yum - and sitting in front of the fire. A spanking is a nice bonus!

  9. my favorite way to warm up is not spanking at all.. at least not for me.. I prefer a cuddly blanket and a good book lol

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    I'm not very exciting...I heat up with soup. Like the kid in the Campbell's Soup Commercial. :)

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  21. I love these stories. I hope you will write many more. I know it's hard, I am still working on my first book and its very difficult. I admire you.

  22. Corinne, what a sweet story. I agree that everyone could us a Chad in their lives. Yes the ethereal twist was a lovely spin. The feather at the end was a very nice touch. I giggled when he pictured the other angles looking down and laughing at him. Chad is really a true friend and probably going to be an even better lover.
    I hope there's more to come of Caitlyn and Chad.
    whatsit92 at yahoo dot com

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  30. Okay, so that totally brought tears to my eyes! Corinne I LOVED IT! While hard to choose my fav line, I think it had to be "“You will not insult yourself, little girl. I have stood by and watched you disrespect yourself all night, and I’m not going to let it continue." I love how he is going to discipline her for not respecting herself!

    Makes me even more excited for your Corbin's Bend novella :D

  31. I am so excited for you, Corinne!
    Congratulations on your first public story! You did beautifully!
    I loved the angel theme.
    Chad sounds amazing!
    I hope you are thinking about taking this further, and building on it. It is such a great premise.
    Mmm, angel, romance, spankings...
    I loved it!


  32. that's the way to get a silly girl attention

    1. Are you speaking from experience? :-) But I agree that a man spanking a girl he loves to save her from ruining her life is deeply satisfactory, and especially when it leads the way to romance and marriage. :-)

  33. Well, you had me... "Make her lose her pants faster than a cowboy can say yeehaw" There is certainly another way the spanking minded can infer that would be meant. ;)

    I much prefer Chad over Rodney and this is a very Hot Addition to the Hop, thanks for sharing!

  34. Wow, your first public short story. Well, you did a great job. I am not much for angel stories but this one was wonderful and sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us. Warming up on a winter night ummm a great spanking book and a lap full of cats.

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  41. I do like angels with my spankings - who knew? I loved the underlying sweetness of his feelings towards her even though she was behaving like a brat! We all need that someone who loves us enough to call us on our BS & hers came with spanks - lucky woman! ;-)

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  46. Angels and spankings,
    Just the thing to warm you heart,
    And other places.

    1. I forgot to answer your question. One of my favorite ways to warm up in the winter will hopefully always include spankings.

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  58. I have always found that snuggling up with my special man is the fastest way to "warm" things up (especially when clothing is optional); throw in a little spanking and you'll forget all about these frigid temperatures we're having here in the Midwest!!
    I have usually stayed away from ethereal stories, but after reading your short story, I think I'll have to reconsider checking out those feisty angels.

    nmc69 (at) sbcglobal (dot) com

    1. Ooops!! wrong email.....
      nmc69 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  59. Saved that little darling! Ed

  60. Great story :) Loved this: "You are a bright and shining beacon of light in a lost world". So sweet.
    I'm actually warming up now, with my laptop, on the couch in my fleece pjs, under a fleece blanket and 3 large lounge lizards (lazy canines). Can't ask for better :)

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    I live where it is warm almost year round, so we don't really have winter nights.
    How would I like to spend it? In a cabin in the mountains with my hubby and it could include some spanking! ;)
    Thank you for sharing and the giveaway!
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