Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Melissa's Saving Grace on Sale! #Giveaway

The day is finally here! Melissa’s Saving Grace is now up for sale. To celebrate I wanted to do something special for my readers, so I am having a $10 Blushing Books Gift Certificate Giveaway. There are lots of ways to enter to win, so there’s something that everyone can do. The way that you can earn the most entries is to purchase Melissa’s Saving Grace (worth 5 entries) & leave a review (worth 5 entries.) The contest will run for two weeks, so there’s plenty of time to enter. Okay, so now more about Melissa.

 You might remember Melissa from her cameo appearance in A Brush of Violet where she went before the Disciplinary Board of Corbin’s Bend. You’ll see in Melissa’s Saving Grace that while Melissa has tried to put herself on the straight & narrow she hasn’t quite succeeded. Enter Papa Bear type Jason Donovan who is more than happy to assist Melissa in learning the error of her ways, as well as pull her into his warm embrace and give her the love and nurturing she so desperately needs.  There is just a touch of light ageplay along with plenty of sizzling erotic romance to keep us all reading voraciously. Here’s a light scene that I hope you will enjoy.

     Walking toward the beautiful expanse of grasses and wild flowers, a blue feathered bird chasing insects caught her eye. It was darting amid the wild flowers, hot after a little flying insect. As her heart bloomed, Melissa had a feeling she would prove to be just as much of a bird person as Jason.
     Friskiness took flight inside of Melissa and the urge to run overtook her. She took off through the meadow with wild abandon extending her arms out on either side of her as she went.
     She dropped her backpack so that she could run faster. Glancing back, she saw Jason do the same, as he took off chasing her, she squealed with delight, giggling profusely when Jason scooped her up and they tumbled to the ground. At that point, they were both laughing hard and fighting to catch their breath. He gathered her to him laying her head on his chest. As their breathing slowed down to normal levels, Melissa could hear Jason’s heart beating hard from the exertion.
     Heat gathered between them as she propped herself up to look him in the eyes. His blue eyes were clear as the morning sky. Melissa could see the building feelings she had for Jason reflected back to her in his own eyes. He had the fullest most kissable lips she had ever seen and she found herself leaning down to kiss and nip at them lightly. She felt his arms tighten on her back and then, in the space of a breath, she was on her back underneath him. Tongues met as their kiss deepened. God, he tasted good.
     Eventually they eased back from each other, and they just lay there in the middle of the meadow watching the sky. Puff ball clouds moved and shifted above them as a symphony of mountain cicadas chirped and buzzed in a special performance for them. Noticing that one of the clouds looked like a teddy bear, Melissa pointed it out. After that, each and every cloud resembled something familiar to them. Melissa was just pointing out a cloud that was ironically shaped as a paddle when they noticed some darker clouds moving in.
     “Hmm,” Jason said, “that’s strange. The forecast said nothing about rain today.”
     “Maybe it will blow over,” she suggested just before lightning cracked through the air.
     They grabbed their packs and took off, just as the skies opened up on them.

Melissa Toselli is a wild child with a troubled past. Having been on her own since she was fifteen she is desperate to find the one who will take her into his arms, heart, and control. She has a tendency to pick all the wrong men for all the wrong reasons. 

Unbeknownst to Melissa she has caught Corbin’s Bend newbie, Jason Donovan’s, attention. The wild spitfire stirred something inside of him that he could not let go. He could see right through Melissa’s devil may care attitude to the vulnerable child within who just needed someone to care for and watch out for her. She was crying out for some guidance; both the kind that would tuck her in at night and the kind that would take her over a knee for some much needed discipline and structure. 

Can Jason give Melissa what she needs and tame the wild child that she is? Can he show her the way a true gentleman treats the woman he has feelings for? Will Melissa turn out to be too much for Jason to handle? Will she fall back into her old ways? Or will Jason and Melissa find exactly what they’re looking for in each other? 

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  1. Congratulations, Corinne!
    I love Melissa!
    And congratulations on being a finalist for the Golden Flogger Award!
    hugs :)

  2. Thank you so much, Katherine!! Can you feel my excitement over there?

  3. Huge Congratulations on the new releas and being a finalist in the Golden Flogger awards Corinne!

    I love CB and love the sound of this book. Really enjoyed the excerpt. Lovely moment between them :)


  4. Waaa I'm out of work and homeless so I can't afford your books they look so good. Oh well maybe I'll win.

    1. Make sure to enter the rafflecoptor to win!

  5. Congratulations! I bought the whole series on BB and love all the stories. Yours is on my TBR list and I know I will love it.

  6. Another wonderful addition to the CB series. Love the dynamics of the characters!