Monday, September 15, 2014

School's In Session Boxed Set - Detention With Professor Black by Dinah McLeod

After the amazing time I had at the End of Summer Spanks: Last Flings; Lessons Learned Blog Hop & reading the very strict and sexy snippets from the newly released School's in Session boxed set I knew I had to delve in deeper. So, for the next week I will feature one book from the set until we have delved a little deeper into every book! I know I can't wait to read each and every one of them! Today's feature is Dinah McLeod, Detention With Professor Black. Read the blurb, read the excerpt, and if you've read the book please share what you think!

Detention With Professor Black By Dinah McLeod

Michelle Johnson has been down on her luck for the past year and life only seems to be getting worse. First, she's diagnosed with cancer, then she loses her job, her apartment and her boyfriend of six years one after the other. Now she has to move back in with the father that abandoned her after her parents' divorce. Life just couldn't get any worse.

That's what she thought, until the only teaching position she can find is Kindergarten - her least favorite! Worse yet, the principal is her old high school crush who doesn't hesitate to punish tardiness with a special kind of detention.


“Come in,” I called when I heard the knock at the door. I already knew who would be on the other end of it, and I was more than a little excited, even if we had a very serious matter to discuss.
Michelle opened the door softly and let herself in.
I couldn’t help but note how lovely she looked. A few tendrils of hair had pulled free of her bun, falling to frame her face that was as dewy and vibrant as her eyes. A slight pink hue rose to her cheeks as she looked at me—a very good sign, if I read it right. “Please, have a seat.”
She sat across from me, crossing her legs and putting her hands in her lap, though I noticed she kept fidgeting.
“It must feel a bit like getting called to the principal’s office,” I noted, trying to put her at ease.
She gave me a tentative smile. “A little.”
“Where you ever sent to the principal’s office in high school? I can’t remember.”
Mutely, she shook her head to the negative.

Ah, so she was a good girl at heart. That was good to know. “Well, I suppose we should begin by discussing why we’re here.”
“Are you going to fire me?” she blurted out, looking so vulnerable it tore at my heart.
“That’s up to you, Ms. Johnson. I would say that this is a very serious offense, but no, not unless it becomes a recurring one.”
“You’re being very formal all of a sudden,” she noted with a hint of a smile.
“Yes and I suggest you do the same. When we have meetings of this nature, I answer to either Mr. Black or sir. Understand?”
“I think I’ll just call you professor,” she replied with a glint in her eye.
I felt my cock stir at the sexy lilt to her voice when she called me professor. Was she even aware of it? “Now then, what should we do about this? If you were one of my high school students, I’d put you in detention.”
Mesmerized, I watched as she licked her lips, her flush deepening. “Is that what you’re proposing?” My cock was making my pants uncomfortably tight, but before I could answer, she said, “When?” in that same sweet, seductive voice.

A Word From Dinah:

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