Friday, September 5, 2014

End of #SummerSpanks: Spanking Romance & Prizes!

Summer Spanks: Last Flings & Lessons Learned

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Welcome to my the Summer Spanks blog hop! I will be giving away a spanking romance of your choice to one lucky commenter. Read my story below and answer the question  I have posted at the end in the comments. Be sure to leave your email address for your entry to count! Enjoy the hop!

The Professor and the Dean

Salt air ruffled through Amelia’s sun bleached locks as she greedily soaked up the last of the day’s rays. Breathing a deep sigh of resignation as the sun bid its nightly adieu dropping behind the horizon; she gathered her belongings reluctant to leave her time in paradise. A professor at Saint Mary’s University in California, school started tomorrow, and she wasn’t ready to let go of the carefree days of the summer months.
The eagerness that had consumed her in the early years of teaching had not shown itself so far to prep her for the coming days of classes, PowerPoint’s, and students. Slipping into her car she drove along the rock lined road toward her home in the city. Tomorrow was going to come early, too early.
Amelia counted down the minutes of each day as the first week of school crawled by. So far the routine of the school year eluded her.  Eager students filled her classroom ready to learn from the famed English professor. At the young age of twenty six, nine years earlier, she had topped the best seller list with the novel she had written straight out of college with stars in her eyes and romance in her veins. Whatever they expected when enrolling in her class they clearly were not getting it. Disgruntled whispers echoed off the walls as she turned her class over to her assistant for the third time that week. She turned to gaze out the window, losing herself to daydreams of all that she would rather be doing, as the assistant droned on.
At the end of the day, just as she was packing her briefcase to leave for the day, Dean Warwick strode purposefully into her classroom. “Professor Dunn,” his voice came out crisp and succinct, “I would like to see you in my office before you leave for the day.” His gray eyes pierced her with a look that broached no argument.
“I’ll be right there sir.” She replied in confusion. Furrowing her brow she racked her brain considering what the Dean might want to talk to her about. It was unusual that he would choose to speak to her one on one. He was known for keeping all important business strictly to faculty meetings once a month. Unnerved, she stuffed essay papers into her briefcase and hurried after him.
            She walked tentatively into Dean Warwick’s large office taking in the dark mahogany furniture and masculine d├ęcor’.  A line of paddles in varying sizes lined one of the walls; a lone leather tawse hung among them. She swallowed audibly as nervousness came suddenly over her. Reminding herself that those were for the students not faculty, she gave herself a shake turning her attention to the dean. Dressed in a fitted light gray suit that matched his eyes, Dean Warwick was good looking in a way that was almost intimidating. His sharp eyes looking upon her made her feel like he could see right through her in the most unsettling way. She squirmed under his steady gaze.
            “Please close the door and take a seat,” he instructed gesturing to the chair directly in front of his desk. She did what he asked smoothing her black pencil skirt as she sat.
“Ms. Dunn, do you value your job?”
“Ye-Yes, sir, of course I do.” Jolted by his question she stammered.  
“Unfortunately, your performance this week does not indicate that you do.” He admonished bluntly. “I have seen three separate complaints that you have come to class unprepared and your assistant has taken to teaching your classes. Is this true?”
She grappled to defend herself. Knowing there was no defense for her horrible behavior she hung her head as shame cascaded over her. “Yes, sir, it’s true.” She said her voice barely a whisper.
“Do you know how we handle students who come to class unprepared?” He asked. Her eyes shot up to the paddles on the wall. “Yes, Amelia, they go skirt up over my desk and they are paddled until their bottoms are as bright as a ripe tomato.” She gave a little gasp as the image played out inside her head.  “How do you think it looks when their teacher is the one not doing her homework, coming to class unprepared? What precedent does that set for your students, Amelia?” His voice lectured in quiet stern tones.
She squirmed uncomfortably in her seat mortified at being called out for her behavior and even more mortified that she had behaved that way to begin with. “A bad precedent,” she groaned.
“You, Miss, deserve a serious bare bottom spanking,” he said piercing her anew with his gaze.
“Yes, sir,” She agreed as her bottom clenched involuntarily.
He cocked an eyebrow at that. “Do you agree, Professor Dunn, that the best course of action for you is a hard bare bottom spanking?” She gave a slight nod in agreement.
            “Very well,” he said briskly, standing. “You’ve performed well up until this point so I am disinclined to terminate you. I think a spanking and possibly a good tawsing is exactly what is called for in this situation. Please stand.” He barked.
            She sprung from her chair hurrying to obey.
“Lift your skirt and remove your panties.” He commanded as he walked around the desk. “I think we’re going to start with an old fashioned over the knee spanking.”
            She swallowed audibly at his command to remove her panties. Her hands shook as she lifted her skirt high above her hips. She slipped her fingers beneath the elastic of her black silk panties sliding them down her thighs and over her feet. She made no attempt to cover her nakedness from the Dean’s view knowing the humiliation of it was part of her punishment.
            He held her wrist in a vice grip as he propelled her across his lap. She sucked in a breath as she felt his steel muscled thighs under the stomach.  He blazed her bottom up one side and down the other. She squirmed, gasping, and then shrieked as he turned his attention to her thighs. “I’d keep it down, Ms. Dunn if you do not want anyone who is left in the school to know that you’ve been a naughty little girl.”
            Hot liquid pooled unexpectedly between her thighs at the thought of someone overhearing her spanking. Still she quickly muffled any further noises by biting her lip as he continued to rain smacks on her burning thighs. Her legs kicked struggling earnestly against the assault on her bottom. Her mind whirled as she tried to make sense of these conflicting feelings. He gave her five more hard spanks before helping her to her feet. She sniffled loudly, wiping the tears that had spilled onto her cheeks with the back of her hand. Noticing her tears the dean took out a white handkerchief and patted the tears away. His hand cradled her face in a tender moment. Her heart sped as he leaned close wiping a stray tear with his thumb hesitating for a lingering moment before pulling away and returning to his previous strictly authoritative manner.
“You are to report to my office every morning by 7:15 for the rest of this month. You will then proceed to teach your days classes after a thorough bottom warming. Hopefully that will remind you to keep your mind on your work. If any of your previous behavior resurfaces you can expect a very hard paddling followed directly by the tawse. Do we understand each other?” He asked, eyes straying south for one moment too long giving him away.
“Yes, sir,” she said, her nipples pebbling against the fabric of her blouse. She had a feeling her bottom was going to be very sore by the time the month was through, but she certainly wasn’t going to be bored for a single second of it.

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If you had been spanked in school what would you have been spanked for?

My answer is that I would have definitely been spanked often for forgetting to turn my homework in! What about you?


  1. I enjoyed the little story very much! Would love to read more! I was never spanked in school, thankfully ;) but if I was it would be for daydreaming and not focusing ;) My email is! Thank you for participating!

  2. That was hot, Corinne! I was an angel in elementary school and would never have been spanked. However, I became quite rebellious in high school and I would have been spanked for cutting classes, smoking, and talking back to the teachers. Yes, I was a bad girl in high school.

    Holla Dean -

  3. I would have been spanked for talking too much!

  4. Loved the excerpt and I would have been spanked for being too chatty or passing notes.
    Thanks for the chance!

  5. Great story, Corinne, really hot.

    I think I and my classmate would have been spanked for paraphrasing Francis Bacon in a most disrespectful manner and giggling throughout our English classes

  6. I love your story - a month worth of early morning spankings! Yikes!! Ummm....daydreaming probably...I have a bad habit of it still.

  7. Hot story, my, my a whole month. How delicious.

  8. If I had gotten spanked in school it would have been for talking too much or passing notes:)~ great story! (

  9. love the scene- nice turn of the teacher/student by using a dean and a teacher. I love his judgment at the end authorjoellecasteel at excite dot com

  10. Super short story. I'm not a rule follower so it could have been for any number of things.

  11. I enjoyed this snippet very much. The ending of the punishment is dreamy...LOL If I had of received a spanking in school, it would have been for smoking.....


  12. I signed up for your email I was a goody girl, so never got spanked. If I had to do it again I would make sure I got spanked at least once a week. lol

  13. If I had been spanked (but I was such a good girl) it would have been for talking tooooo much.

  14. I would have been spanked for talking. I know, hard to believe! I must confess that picture you put at the top got me before the story even started! I loved this though and I hope Amelia continues to be distracted :)

  15. Loved the story. I was in trouble often in school usually over boys. Ha.

  16. loved this story, Corinne.
    I would have loved to have had a teacher (or boss :) ) like him!

    ok, as far as school spankings, LOL, it definitely would have been for talking too much!

  17. Great story. So wanted him to use the tawse. You need to write another installment. Can you please send me the address of this school so I can send my resume. Straight to the dean of course. A month of spankings - now that is what I call a workplace benefit!

    Actually I was spanked in school for forgetting my PE kit. Our gym teacher used a tennis shoe. Yikes.

  18. I had a 5th grade teacher that would take a ruler and spank our hands and to this day I have never forgot ant that was in 1968-69. Mrs. Wrigtht.

    Loved the excerpt and I was so into the story I hated to see it stop. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

  19. Wow Corinne...that was an extremely hot snippet! In high school, I would have been spanked for cutting classes, smoking (cigs and pot), and most definitely for being a smart a$$ with a very sassy mouth! LOL Thanks for this snippet!

    Hugs and Blessings...
    catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

  20. Really great short story, umm I would not have been spanked I was a good girl in school. I wish I had been more fun though
    bluemascara22 at gmail dot com

  21. I would have been spanked for reading non coursework materials in class aka romance books.

  22. Wonderful hot snippet Corrine! I wanted it to continue! Backin school I would probably have been spanked for my mouth lol


  23. It's going to be a long and interesting month for the professor! Fun story!

  24. Sometimes teachers need motivation too. A wonderfully application of motivation was applied. One more thing on a side note. I love the picture on top, but my first thought was that he'd better be careful because if she was kicking during her spanking in those shoes she was sure to put his eye out!

  25. Love the power struggle between the Dean and the Professor. I would have gotten spanked in school for talking too much. That was always my problem.

  26. Loved the story. I was a little mouthy in high school and like to tell off the teachers I did not like. I had a few teachers that probably would have liked to spank me instead they kicked me out for a few day. (

  27. I would have been spanked for being smart-mouthed. I didn't get in trouble much, but I was out-spoken.

  28. Every morning! will definitely help focus her mind ☺

  29. I would have been spanked for day dreaming. Like all the time.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog. It was lovely to have you visit. Ashley Ladd

  30. I probably would have gotten spanked for reading my own book instead of what I was supposed to be reading. I was such a boring child.

  31. Hmmm...probably for talking. But, I was a good little girl then. lol

    1. Whoops, forgot the

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