Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A-Z Challenge - Corbin's Bend #SpankA2Z

About a year and a half ago I was invited to participate in a fun new interactive book series called Corbin's Bend. I had head to toe chills from the moment I started reading about this incredible community and what Thianna hoped to accomplish with it. It's still one of the coolest ideas I have seen take root in the author/book community.

I was honored to have my very first published work released in this series. What a way to start a writing career. Charles and Violet came to life in vivid color. They were as real as if they were right there in the room speaking to me. I have a feeling they would allow me to write one hundred stories about them. Whenever I think of them, there they are ready to let me know what they are up to.

Immediately after A Brush of Violet went to publication I started working on Melissa's story in Melissa's Saving Grace. Melissa was a minor character in my first book, a troubled young resident of Corbin's Bend who could not seem to keep herself out of trouble. In this installment of Corbin's Bend we dig a little deeper into Melissa's past and take a peek into what motivates her wild ways. Enter handsome blue collar Jason with his work roughened hands and papa bear mentality. It could turn out that he might just be exactly what Melissa's needs. You can find out more on Saturday when I participate in my first Saturday Spank's for Melissa's July release. You can find out more about this book in my book release section at the top of my blog.

Rumor has it that Corbin's Bend residents are getting their very own medical facility in Season Four. Could this mean a little medical play could also be coming to Corbin's Bend. I think it's a good possibility. I'm working on a sliver of this project myself that I think you are all going to like a lot. I swear if I could pack up and move to this town today I would. Can you imagine the freedom in living your lifestyle out loud 100 percent of the time or as much as you wanted? Spanking play, Domestic Discipline friends, age play groups, and now medical professionals who are not only tolerant of the spanking life, but understand it personally. It's my dream come true. Is it yours? If you lived in Corbin's Bend what would be your favorite part? What aspect of your fantasies would you want to live out here?

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  1. Great post Corinne! I love CB! How awesome it would be to live in a place where you were free to not only live the lifestyle, but to talk about it openly with like minded people who understand. So glad this series is continuing, Congratulations on your upcoming release!