Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A-Z Challenge: I Love Lucy #SpankA2Z

Who can resist I Love Lucy? Not only is the show a complete classic. It's hilariously, roll on the ground laughing, funny. With all the shenanigans that Lucy got up to can we really blame Ricky for all the spankings he had to dish out over the years? Spankings that we all loved to watch. It doesn't hurt that Ricky Ricardo was smoking hot Cuban Conga drummer. Hmm, no wonder he knew how to deliver a spanking! He worked his spanking arm out every single gig and then some! In the end you can tell that Ricky only spanks Lucy out of the love of his heart. Heaven knows what level of trouble she would find herself in if he didn't spank her every once in awhile. Here are a few of my favorite pictures & spanking scenes.


  1. This is great Corinne, Lucy sure is a great classic. Funnily enough, I didn't really watch it much at the time.


  2. Actually, Corinne, I don't like the spankings that Lucy gets from Ricky. In movies like Maclintock and The Bride Wasn't Willing or even Forsaking All Others, the males responded to female violence and making their life a hell by giving them a spanking. That saved their marriage - or led the way to love and marriage - and I find the image of a man spanking the woman he loves to teach her not to hit him or fire a gun at him or things like deeply satisfacory. In the Lucy shows Ricky just treats Lucy like a small and naughty girl, and he infantilizes her by treating her that way - including the spankings. I don't mind them, as some feminists do - some even want to have them banned or edited, but I look upon them- and the Lucy shows generally - more as period pieces where men treated women as children and spanked them for misbehaving. It is alright to spank your woman when she has endangered her life or made your life together intolerable because of jealousy -in those cases it may be a last resort to avoid divorce. I also think most women would accept a spanking from the man she loves - and who loves her - in these cases, but not for playing a harmless prank. :-)