Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A-Z Challenge - #Bare Bottom #SpankA2Z

Welcome to day two of the Spanking From A-Z Blogging Challenge. What better thing for a spanking romance author & spanko to write about than Bare Bottom Spankings?! I'm sure everyone agrees that all the best spankings happen on the bare. Aside from the extra sting having to go panties down over the lap of a stern authority figure for a hard bare bottom spanking adds an extra layer of humbling for a naughty taken in hand to squirm about. 

There's something about being ordered to pull your panties down that sends shivers down your spine. When your panties are lowered for you the moment his fingers grasp the top of your underwear your mind starts reeling, but it's the moment the cool air cascades over your vulnerable upturned bottom that you know without shadow or doubt that your hail Mary moment is really coming. You know when those panties go down you are in for a serious spanking. There will be no feather duster spanking commencing. You know by the time the spanking is over your bottom is going to be red and sizzling hot.

No matter how painful they are in the moment the words spoken and the feel of those panties coming down come back to us in those delicious stolen moments before bedtime readying us providing fodder for fantasies for days to come or at least until the next time our panties are ordered down.


  1. Love this Corinne! There is definitely nothing like the panties coming down.


  2. Mm, love when he pulls them down for me, so hot!!