Friday, June 12, 2015

A-Z Challenge: #Kink #SpankA2Z

Kink has been my favorite flavor of sexuality since before I knew that it had a name. From the first time I read sex being anything, but vanilla I knew it was for me. Other than my first few sexual experiences I have stayed off the straight and narrow. I like to go where the road bends. 

Case in point, when I was around sixteen years old there was a boy who I had a huge crush on. He was edgy and dark in all the right ways. I just knew he would be HOT in bed. Well, or at least until the day that he shot my fantasies right out of the water. Apparently, he liked me too. Except order to prove that he was my kind of guy he thought it was a good idea to tell me how romantic he was. According to him he loved rose petals, mushy sex music (think Marvin Gaye,) and slow, languid love making. And with that any shot he had with me was right out the window. My face fell further with every word he spoke. I still have no idea if he knew what went wrong. 
Give me hot domination. Give me hair pulling. Give me a really good bare bottom spanking. Heck give me hot wax. Just do not give me boring vanilla sex. Here are a few of my favorite kinks.

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  1. Great pics Corrine, very hot! Love the quotes!