Monday, June 15, 2015

A-Z Challenge: Melissa's Saving Grace #CorbinsBend

Today for the A-Z challenge I'm sharing a little about my upcoming release, Melissa's Saving Grace. I hope you enjoy the excerpt below. Also, stay tuned on Saturdays, as I participate in the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop, for a little teaser as release day approaches.

     He knew he couldn’t put the spanking off all night. She needed it, but not yet. While she
was getting the brush, he carried a kitchen chair into the center of the living room. She hovered
in the doorway between the rooms like her feet were stuck to the floor. He crooked his finger to
draw her through the door. He watched her eyes and noticed the moment of decision flit across
them. It took another full four seconds before she was able to force her feet to move. She
fidgeted beside him, a look of surprise cascading over her features as he guided her to sit on the
floor in front of him instead of over his lap as she obviously expected.
     Gently unwrapping her hair, curls tumbled down her back. Gathering the damp locks
reverently in his hands, he pulled them behind her shoulders. He brushed her dark brown hair
slowly starting from the bottom working the tangles out one by one. He worked in small sections
luxuriating in the feel of her under his hands. Taking his time, he felt Melissa relax, little by
little, under his touch. Her eyes closed under his ministrations. After every single tangle had been
worked loose and her hair was gleaming, Jason moved his hands down to her shoulders kneading
the tight muscles, working out each knot until the tension had disappeared. A small sigh and then
what sounded almost like a purr escaped from her lips. Not wanting the moment to end, he
continued light stroking across her warm skin for several more minutes.
     Finally he took a deep breath knowing that there was no more putting it off. Giving her
one final squeeze, he helped her to a standing position. “It’s time for your spanking,” he said.
She nodded, every last vestige of fight completely gone. Taking a seat in the straight backed
chair, he pulled her to stand between his legs. “Okay, Melissa, tell me why you’re getting this

Melissa's Saving Grace
Release Date: July 8, 2015

Melissa Toselli is a wild child with a troubled past. Having been on her own since she was fifteen she is desperate to find the one who will take her into his arms, heart, and control. She has a tendency to pick all the wrong men for all the wrong reasons.

Unbeknownst to Melissa she has caught Corbin’s Bend newbie, Jason Donovan’s, attention. The wild spitfire stirred something inside of him that he could not let go. He could see right through Melissa’s devil may care attitude to the vulnerable child within who just needed someone to care for and watch out for her. She was crying out for some guidance; both the kind that would tuck her in at night and the kind that would take her over a knee for some much needed discipline and structure.

Can Jason give Melissa what she needs and tame the wild child that she is? Can he show her the way a true gentleman treats the woman he has feelings for? Will Melissa turn out to be too much for Jason to handle? Will she fall back into her old ways? Or will Jason and Melissa find exactly what their looking for in each other?

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  1. Loved this excerpt Corinne, very sweet and I love how he takes care of her and relaxes her. I certainly wasn't expecting the brush to actually be used on hef hair! lol