Friday, June 5, 2015

A-Z Challenge - E is for #Endorphins #SpankA2Z #Spanking

The definition of endorphin from

Any of a group of peptide substances secreted by the anterior portion of the pituitary gland that inhibit the perception of painful stimuli. Endorphins act as neurotransmitters in the pain pathways of the brain and spinal cord. Narcotic drugs may stimulate the secretion of endorphins.

In other words endorphins are our brains way of providing us with natural pain killer and feel good chemicals. The definition goes on to say:

...Besides behaving as a pain reducer, endorphins are also thought to be connected to euphoric feelings, appetite modulation, and the release of sex hormones. Prolonged,CONTINUOUS exercise contributes to an increased production of endorphins and, in some people, the subsequent "runner's high."

Common causes of the release of endorphins are exercise, meditation, childbirth, alcohol, chili peppers, and bodywork. You know what else releases endorphins? Spanking!! No wonder we are so drawn to it. It makes sense that so many of us use it as a stress reliever and according to the excerpt above no wonder it makes us insatiable sexually. Oh and did you also see that it helps us lose weight?!

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  1. Love this Corinne. Yet more good reasons to spank :)